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Do you want to Live, Work, & Play in a Community of Excellence? There is a framework...… days 14 hours ago
If the Framework is used well, there will be more available resources to funnel into the classroom for le… days 11 hours ago
leaders = Values-based Leaders. They shape and model the organization's culture! days 8 hours ago
Whether in NH, ME, VT, or nationally, is always about improving the organization to benefit employees, cu… days 8 hours ago
2nd dealership to win . Its less about the trophy than the validation.… week 5 days ago
Interested in but don't know where to start? Updated booklet identifies the questions that excellent orga… week 5 days ago
Congrats to the 4 diverse orgs receiving 2016 MBNQA - Nation's highest award for excellence! weeks 3 days ago
continues to amaze! Named 2016 Top 10 Chocolatier in North America. Awesome business with fantas… weeks 5 days ago
The "L Shaped Curve" - declining survival rate of businesses. How & can help... weeks 5 days ago
This afternoon! Join us and learn how to use these Leadership tools and share your ideas. weeks 6 days ago
A few seats are still available! Monday 9/12 Network and Learn. 2 powerful tools for Leaders weeks 3 days ago
With 70% of US workforce not engaged, a great incentive to strive for organizational excellence. weeks 3 days ago
"It's hard work to strive for excellence, but it can be far more frustrating to work for a mediocre company" ECU weeks 6 days ago
is: asking the tough questions and acting on the answers to improve business performance. weeks 2 days ago
Brilliant! Leaders ask your employees & customers for the questions to ask so you learn what you most need to know. weeks 3 days ago
Honored to be a part of this community of amazing people who volunteer their time to help organizations improve! weeks 2 days ago
Send some of that east . Jealous of your sunshine and foliage. weeks 2 days ago
A new cybersecurity assessment tool available to ISSA members across the globe and right here in New Hampshire. weeks 4 days ago
Coach millennials by fostering a culture of collaboration and setting expectations. Sounds good for everyone! weeks 5 days ago
4 diverse leaders, 4 approaches, all focused on nuances of business relationships. NIcely captured weeks 6 days ago